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On the Frontlines of the Energy Transition

Reducing your carbon footprint is no longer an option. Every business – your business – must dramatically reduce its contribution to environmental degradation. And you must do so in a sustainable way.

The acceleration of decarbonization in the United States and around the globe represents one of the most important initiatives of the 21st century. Cozairo’s experts simplify the significant challenges – cost, complexity, risks – by drawing on decades of experience in carbon capture, subsurface storage and containment.

Decarbonization Leaders
  • Subsurface geology
  • Engineering
  • Project financing
  • Large-scale project management and execution
  • Business development
  • Full value chain expertise
  • Sustainable low-carbon fuel-switching solutions

Energy in Transition Podcast

Cozairo Podcast

Interview with CEO Tim Matthews

Interview with CEO Tim Matthews was the guest on this top podcast. Topics ranged from carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) and governmental policy-making, to cleaner blue fuel alternatives, and examples of states that are nurturing CCS and the switch to cleaner energies. You can watch the whole episode on YouTube.

Energy in Transition


Power Generation
Refining & Petrochemicals
Renewable Diesel
Natural Gas