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Two heads are better than one.

Cozairo’s best-in-class Carbon Capture & Sequestration solutions deliver economically advantaged, tailored, sustainable and scalable emissions reductions to companies committed to a net-zero future. Full-service, comprehensive, end-to-end partnership. You may be surprised how simple we can make it for you.

We understand both the opportunity & challenge involved with carbon capture and storage (CCS) intimately, and we know what works and what doesn’t – technically and commercially.

We also know why companies can be hesitant to consider including CCS in their emissions reduction strategy. Cost, complexity, and/or scale of CCS projects, economics, access to capital, the specific industrial sector a company competes in, and the distribution, intensity or quantity of emissions have all been offered as rationale for focusing elsewhere.

Would it surprise to learn that none of the factors listed above need be a barrier for Cozairo partners? Cozairo’s advantaged solutions make carbon capture & storage widely accessible as a net-zero strategy.

If CCS isn’t the right emissions reduction solution for your business, we’ll be the first to tell you…because we aren’t interested in offering “solutions” that don’t address your company’s specific needs. However, we think our CCS solutions will compete for a place in any company’s emissions reduction portfolio.

Contact us to find out.

Fully integrated services


Cozairo is a business partner, first and foremost – we are only successful when our partners are, and we are committed to mutual success. From full-scale integrated project delivery to consulting services, we tailor our services to your unique needs.

When you win, we win.


We are in this business because we believe in a low carbon future.  There are many ways to make a difference in the emissions space, and it will take everyone – those whose specific focus is different are our friends and collaborators, not our competitors.


Growing sustainable business value drives what we do, and our core values of integrity, respect, stewardship and servant leadership drive how we do it. 

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