The Challenge

Too big for any of us alone, but together….

Carbon capture and storage is the most attractive option many companies have to achieve sustainable carbon footprint reductions in the near term, yet it remains out of reach for many due to complexity, cost and/or scale.  Cozairo can bridge that gap. 

The global emissions reduction challenge is daunting in scale, complexity and economics, yet we see good corporate citizens in every industry committing to meet the challenge head-on.

However, these companies must have access to economically sound solutions if they are to achieve meaningful, sustainable emissions reductions while simultaneously keeping their businesses strong.

We share the consensus view of the global scientific community that carbon capture & storage (CCS) will play a significant role in any successful transition to a low-carbon future.  While CCS is only one element of the global solution – other include increasing energy supply from renewable power sources, continuous emissions reductions through enhanced efficiency, and the continued development of alternative fuels sources – we believe most large companies will simply not be able to achieve their low-carbon goals without CCS in the mix.

So how can companies without the integrated technical, financial and commercial capabilities that CCS projects require make CCS a part of their emissions-reduction portfolio?

This is where Cozairo comes in

We have the expertise, passion and commitment to deliver sustainable, economically viable CCS solutions to those visionary corporate innovators in every industry that have committed to making the low-carbon future their future too.

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