AAPG Energy Opportunities Conference

Cozairo to Outline CCUS Best Practices and Applications in Mexico City

AAPG Energy Opportunities ConferenceCozairo CEO Tim Matthews will present at the AAPG Energy Opportunities Conference 2023 held in Mexico City March 23, 2023.

Appearing in a panel titled “Best Practices and Applications for Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS)” chaired by executives from Getech and U3 Explore, Matthews will outline key practices which enable accessible and efficient CCUS for the maximum benefit of stakeholders.

Cozairo’s talk will be featured in a series of presentations focused on Resources and Technologies Fueling the Energy Transition in the conference hosted by the AAPG. Cozairo is uniquely positioned to present CCUS best practices given its leadership team’s decades of experience in carbon capture and subsurface risk management, delivering efficient, tailored, and optimized solutions. Its solution of on or near-site CCUS reduces project cost and complexity, speeding the pace of decarbonization and reducing time to market for lower-carbon products. CCUS is a key technology fueling not only the energy transition but broader industrial emissions reduction. Industries from cement, steel, and mining to renewable diesel are joining the petroleum products, power generation, and chemicals businesses in their application of CCUS. Cozairo serves these businesses as a partner to enable participation in this lower carbon future.

Conference presenters represent a diverse base of interests ranging from government bodies such as the Hydrocarbon Secretary of the Mexican Ministry of Energy, intergovernmental organizations such as the International Energy Agency, NGOs such as WPC, to academic professionals such as the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin and private companies from traditional energy industry participants to new technology providers such as Amazon.

About Energy Opportunities

AAPG constantly strives to find new and innovative ways to operate, developing initiatives that prepare energy professionals to meet current and future challenges. Energy Opportunities is a series of in-person executive-level conferences connecting decision makers with the trends, tools, strategies and shaping the world’s energy future.

About Cozairo

Cozairo is a developer of sustainable decarbonization solutions, serving conscientious companies committed to reducing carbon emissions as part of the energy transition.
Based in Houston, Texas, Cozairo are experts in the capture and permanent sequestration of CO2. With decades of global experience in carbon capture, subsurface storage and containment, the company is delivering permanent, sustainable, large-scale emissions reductions that are the first step in joining a low-carbon future.

Visit cozairo.com for more information.

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