Top Climate Change Solutions Provider 2022

Top Climate Change SolutionsCozairo is awarded the Top Climate Change Solutions Provider 2022 by Applied Technology Review. The annual listing of 10 companies that are the forefront of providing Climate Change solutions and transforming businesses in the region.

Cozairo is scripting a new chapter in carbon capture and sequestration.

Growing concerns about climate change are intensifying interest in advanced technologies to reduce emissions and lower the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. To that end, carbon capture, and storage technology (CCS) offers a ready-to-execute opportunity to abate emissions across a whole host of industries around the world.

Cozairo engages clients with the goal of assisting them in decarbonizing their businesses by addressing any and all gaps that an industrials face when considering investing in a CCS project. This is one way Cozairo distinguishes itself from other
service providers in the market.

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