MTR and Cozairo Collaborate to Reduce Emissions of Cement and Steel Sectors

Cozairo Agreement

Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. (MTR) and Cozairo LLC today announced their collaboration to deploy an integrated, full-service carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) solution designed specifically to reduce emissions in the cement and steel industries. The integrated offering combines MTR’s industry-leading, cost-effective membrane CO2 capture technology with Cozairo’s unique expertise in geologic sequestration and CCUS project development.

MTR’s proprietary capture technology is ideally suited to efficient capture of CO2 from process emissions with elevated CO2 concentrations, such as those generated during production of cement and steel. When combined with on-site sequestration, MTR’s membrane capture solution can reduce CO2 capture costs by up to 20% compared to equivalent amine or solvent-based CO2 capture solutions.

Cozairo’s project development capability and unique expertise in onsite CO2 sequestration projects enables CCUS projects without requiring third-party CO2 offtake solutions. Cozairo’s on- and near-site geologic sequestration solutions also result in significant cost savings versus pipeline offtake alternatives by eliminating or dramatically reducing the need for CO2 transportation infrastructure and reducing purification costs via relaxed CO2 stream specifications.

As a result of this partnership, the companies’ joint offering will deliver an end-to-end CCUS project solution that has been specifically tailored to serve cement and steel industries, two sectors that have been historically considered “hard-to-abate.” The combination of MTR’s CO2 capture technology with Cozairo’s onsite sequestration project model will deliver best-in-class project cost performance, enabling emissions reductions projects to progress where previously considered approaches were cost-prohibitive or dependent on third-party pipeline solutions to proceed.

“We believe our joint offering with Cozairo will facilitate deployment to cement and steel facilities of an environmentally-friendly capture solution with cost-effective, secure geological storage, allowing these key industries to meet decarbonization goals affordably,” said Brett Andrews, President MTR Carbon Capture.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with MTR to provide the first full-service CCUS solution specifically designed to serve the cement and steel sectors,” said Tim Matthews, CEO of Cozairo.

“We view the integrated MTR-Cozairo CCUS solution, in combination with enhanced federal tax incentives, as a true game changer for decarbonization of these important industries, and we’re looking forward to playing a critical support role in securing a global leadership position for the United States in the production of low-carbon construction materials.”

About MTR

MTR, founded in 1982, is a world leader in providing membrane solutions for a variety of industrial gas separation applications, and has led several U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-supported demonstration projects for carbon capture using membrane technology. Most recently, MTR completed a FEED-level design on a capture solution for the cement industry, and they are currently building the world’s largest membrane capture plant at a coal-fired power facility in Wyoming.

MTR Carbon Capture

About Cozairo

Cozairo, founded in 2021, is a boutique developer of CCUS and blue hydrogen projects. Its experienced team of engineers, geoscientists, financial, land and commercial professionals brings decades of CCUS-specific experience and project development expertise to address the global challenge of sustainable industrial decarbonization. Born out of the team’s real-world expertise in the design, permitting and operation of the first and largest CCUS project in the United States, Cozairo brings unique capabilities and differentiating solutions to industrial partners’ decarbonization ambitions. The company also is active in early development of CCUS projects in the ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and power generation industries.