Cozairo CEO Lays Out Low-Carbon Ammonia Future in Phoenix

Ammonia Energy Association

Cozairo CEO Tim Matthews participated in the Ammonia Energy Conference 2022 held in Phoenix, Arizona November 15-17, 2022. During three busy days of speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and presentations, Matthews was featured in an address entitled “Keys to Delivering Low-Carbon Ammonia.” The conference was hosted by the Ammonia Energy Association.

Matthews discussed how the production of low carbon “blue” ammonia requires the addition of a carbon capture & storage solution to the ammonia value chain. He also showcased an innovative onsite carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution that delivers these key benefits:

  1. Lower cost
  2. A less complex decarbonization pathway for ammonia production
  3. Beneficial CO2 disposal outsourcing.

Afterwards, Matthews entertained questions from eager participants. Matthews and Cozairo are now partnering with plants and facilities seeking a proven, ready-to-execute CCS solution for producing cleaner blue ammonia. His company is based in Houston, Texas. Visit for more information.

Cozairo is a developer of sustainable industrial decarbonization solutions, serving conscientious companies committed to reducing carbon emissions as part of the energy transition.

Cozairo are experts in the capture and permanent sequestration of CO2 emissions. With decades of global experience in carbon capture, subsurface storage and containment, the company is delivering permanent, sustainable, large-scale emissions reductions that are the first step in joining a low-carbon future.

In addition, Cozairo’s partners may capitalize on the opportunity created by the conversion from fossil fuels to non-carbon based “blue” fuels (i.e. fuels produced in conjunction with CCS) that are produced onsite. Blue fuels further reduce CO2 emissions, and they can provide additional value to the bottom line.

Cozairo develops custom solutions to these complex decarbonization challenges that benefit customers and partners with unmatched experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Cozairo. Putting away carbon for good.